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Outstanding October

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Matthew 7:12

Important Dates:

October 1 Tuition payment due

12-16 FALL BREAK – No school

20 T Pumpkin Patch Field Trip – T/TH & Pre K Classes

21 W Pumpkin Patch Field Trip – M/W/F Classes

22 TH Pumpkin Carving with Dad – by reservation, 5 or 6 pm

29 TH Costume parade and party- T/TH & Pre K classes

30 F Costume parade and party – M/W/F Classes

Thank you! We are off to a great start of our school year. Your students are learning and growing so much already. Be sure to check your parent folder EVERYDAY. We are headed into the busy Holiday season and we do not want you to miss anything.

Student Check in. Now that we have started our school year and your children are comfortable with us, we are going to alter our check in procedure to accommodate the upcoming chilly mornings and speed up the process. Starting MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, you will continue to check your student in at our outdoor counter but instead of students waiting in the grass area, we will have one of our aides greet them at the front door and walk them to their classroom. We really appreciate how all our students are arriving on time for school because we pack every minute of the 3-hour day with fun and learning!

Pick up will still be outside in the grass so that you can connect with the teacher each day.

Pumpkin Patch: Each class will walk to the Las Fuentes’ Park “Pumpkin Patch” to hunt for pumpkins and celebrate autumn. Parents are welcome to join us on this walk, but we do not have extra pumpkins for siblings. Las Fuentes is requiring that ALL adults who attend wear a mask. Watch for a permission slip in your parent folder.

Pumpkin Carving with Dad: Please join us for our traditional pumpkin carving night on Thursday, Oct 22. All fathers, grandfathers, and other special men are invited to carve pumpkins with their students. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN PUMPKIN, CARVING TOOLS, AND SENSE OF HUMOR!

We will send you a link to reserve your spot at either 5 or 6 pm. Treats and Photos included

Costume Parade and Party: Your child may wear a costume to school the day of their parade and party. PLEASE choose happy (NO VIOLENT OR SCARY) costumes and ABSOLUTELY NO MASKS OR HOODS that cover faces. You may use face paint instead. Please make sure the costume allows your child to go to the bathroom by themselves. Our parade will be outdoors and pass by Samaritan Village to show off our costumes. Parents and siblings are welcome to join in this parade. Each teacher will have a signup clipboard at checkout time if you would like to contribute items to the party.


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