Mrs. Sarah Snyder

Sarah has lived in Prescott since 1983. Growing up in Prescott she went to Taylor Hicks, Granite Mountain Middle School and Prescott High School. Sarah met her husband Tim in high school, and they are now raising their three boys. Sarah has been a teacher in early education at different daycares and other local schools since 2000.


Sarah first got involved with the MOPS group at American Lutheran in 2005. Then in 2006 she started her boys education at American Lutheran Preschool. After seeing what a great learning environment American Lutheran Preschool had for her own children, she was excited to share the same values and Christian based learning on to other children. Sarah was able to accomplish this after she received her teaching position at American Lutheran Preschool in 2009.

Sarah's family enjoys being involved with the church and giving back to the community in every aspect possible.  In her off time she keeps very busy keeping her family organized and kept on track while running from youth groups, football, and baseball games. She enjoys the beautiful outdoors and spending quality time with her loved ones. 


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